Bam Margera Has Entered A Behavioural Facility After New Video Of Him Having A Meltdown Emerges

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Hopefully he can get the help he needs.

Things were looking (kinda) positive for Bam Margera at the start of the year when he announced on his Instagram account that he was heading back to rehab for the third time and hoping that third time really was going to be the charm.

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Unfortunately it wasn’t and Bam checked himself out after about ten days and started drinking and it looks like things have descended even more since then as well if this latest story is to be believed. Apparently Bam showed up for a scheduled appearance at a New York comedy club a couple of days ago at 8pm for a 10pm showtime, but completely lost the plot when nobody was in attendance at that point, going off at his tour manager and wife Nicole.

The incident was captured on somebody’s Snapchat:

That’s actually pretty scary and pretty sad. His tour manager seems genuinely terrified of him and nothing he’s doing actually seems to be making any sense. Seems like he really had sadly gone off the rails again.

Following this latest outburst, TMZ learned the following:

A family source says the former “Jackass” star was admitted into a behavioral facility.

We’re told Bam was resistant, and family members had to have him committed. The plan now is for him to consult with multiple specialists to come up with a recovery plan.

We’re told friends and family think his drinking had gotten out of hand again, but they also believe he’s suffering from a personality disorder.

Damn. Things do not sound good for Bam. Wishing him all the love and support in the world and hoping that he manages to get the help that he needs and sort himself out. We’re all rooting for you buddy.

For more of the same, check him out talking about his brutal battle with alcoholism from a couple of years ago. Harrowing.


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