Bam Margera Confirms He’s Returning To Rehab After Embarrassing Party Video Surfaces


Good luck.

Bam Margera was one of the most famous men in the world at the turn of the century, but since then his troubles with alcohol addiction, dependency and depression have been widely documented.

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It was thought that Bam was getting a bit better with his sobriety after he announced that he went to rehab last January, but apparently he started drinking in August after a robbery in Colombia sent him off the wagon again. Bam has realised that he needs help again though and made the following posts on Instagram yesterday explaining that he was heading back to rehab once again:

This announcement comes in the wake of a recent video of a party that happened at Bam Castle just before Christmas. In the somewhat embarrassing video – mainly because it’s edited and shot really badly, despite the company making it very clear who made it by having their website address displayed during its entirety – a bunch of people who should probably know better head over to his house to watch some skateboarding and some live music and pretend that they’re 21 again.

Bam shows up a couple of times looking a little worse for wear and it seems kind of clear from this video that he’s probably been surrounding himself recently with people that aren’t really compatible with him living his best life. Glad that he’s realised this and is giving sobriety another shot though. Good luck to him.

For more Bam Margera, here he is revealing just how serious his alcohol problems were at one point. Grim.


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