The Baltimore Government Have Issued These Ridiculous Adverts To Try And Get Hipsters Vaccinated

10/10 effort.

One of the biggest problems facing the US government – and every government all over the world to be fair – is to how to encourage the remaining population to get vaccinate, so the city of Baltimore has taken the unusual approach of creating a poster campaign aimed at hipsters to try and get this sorted out.

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I imagine there’s probably somewhat of a correlation between the young and hip community and the antivax community and this is clearly why Baltimore have felt the need to call everyone in their campaign a stupid name like Connor or Trina and take aim at lifestyle fads that people claim prevent COVID like green tea and the Keto diet. Take a look at these and see if you think this is going to work:

OK, I suppose the mimosas with the girls one is more aimed at your sorority girl/soccer mom crowd, but even so you can see what the Baltimore government is doing here and I want to say that I think that they know they’re being self aware and taking the piss out of eveyone and not being serious, but you never know for sure with some of these things do you?

Anyway, even though the campaign is genuinely funny and has gone viral because of this approach, I still doubt that it’s going to convince anyone that was firmly against the vaccination before it so it seems kind of pointless other than for a quick lol. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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