Bald Men May Be At Greater Risk Of Coronavirus Symptoms

Oh shit.

I thought that we were out of the woods with all the Coronavirus stuff  (at least for the moment)  now that the lockdown seems to be easing and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations seem to be dominating the airwaves, but it turns out that this isn’t the case at all – especially for bald men.

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This new information comes to light courtesy of a study from Brown University’s Professor Carlos Wambier of the effect of Coronavirus in Spain. He determined that 71% of patient examined in Spanish hospitals were bald and the background rate of baldness of patients at this age was between 31% and 53%. That’s somewhat of a difference isn’t it?

Here’s how Professor Wambier sought to explain it to The Telegraph:

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Androgen or male hormones may contribute to hair loss and this may increase the ability of the virus to attack cells.

We think androgens or male hormones are definitely the gateway for the virus to enter our cells.

Wambier is also saying that hormone suppressing drugs could be used to slow down the progress of the virus and allow sufferers to recover. Could work I guess?

Obviously though we have to take all this with a pinch of salt. Wambier is stating this pattern after conducting two studies in Spain and many, many more will be needed before we can confirm if these ideas are true or not. It’s encouraging we’re making progress and have some results though.

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