Badass Kurdish Sniper Laughs As ISIS Bullet Narrowly Misses Her Head

Kurdish Sniper

No big deal.

We all know how tough it must be on the frontline over in Syria fighting against ISIS, but I doubt we can really appreciate the gallows humour that freedom fighters largely survive upon. It’s illustrated perfectly in this video.

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In the clip below, a female sniper for the YPJ (Women’s Protection Units) can be seen taking aim at ISIS through a window in an abandoned house. Just after she takes her shot, a piece of the wall right behind her head gets blown out, meaning the bullet was literally inches away from slamming into her skull and ending her life.

What’s her reaction? No, she doesn’t cower into a little ball or run away from the scene of the crime, but instead she just bursts out laughing like it’s no big deal:

What an absolute badass. I hope to never be in that situation, but I’m fairly certain that if ever I was I wouldn’t be laughing about it – I’d probably be crying like a baby or at the very least completely shook up and dazed.

I guess this is just another day on the job though for women like her. It’s crazy over there.

For more snipers, check out this ISIS sniper getting blown to smithereens by the RAF. Nicely done.


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