Bad Parenting 101 – Some Dude Lets His Kid Fly Down The Ski Slope Real Fast Whilst Filming Him And Yelling ‘Pizza’ At Him

Skiing Accident

This is probably the worst example of parenting ever but it’s also really funny so it’s great that the guy filmed it and uploaded it on the internet for everyone to see.

Skiing Accident

This is a great way to start 2013. I know a couple of people who have had kids recently and I sure hope that they don’t ever treat them like this because this is just really retarded parenting. Basically the dude in the video is teaching his kid how to ski – or at least attempting to – but it doesn’t really look as if he’s even thought about it at all or even given him any advice/training on skiing and how to do it properly, other than yelling pizza at him the whole time. I’m not a skier so I didn’t really get that to begin with but it turns out that the pizza is a move in skiing that slows you down so it makes perfect sense for this dad to be shouting pizza at his kid the whole time. It’s called a pizza because you move the tips of the skis into the middle so that the skis make a shape kind of like a slice of pizza. Smart huh? The opposite of this is the french fry where you keep the skis parallel to each other so they look like two french fries. Even smarter huh?

Unquestionably the dad in the video is one of the biggest douches ever. Not really because he just skis along videotaping his son even though he’s clearly out of control and in distress (I mean at one point the kid misses a stationary skier by like one foot and you can pretty much hear the kid screaming throughout the whole video), but more because he talks like a complete fratboy idiot throughout the video. I mean who honestly refers to their kid as ‘bro’ repeatedly? It just sounds dumb, pretty much like whenever anyone refers to anyone as bro. Then at the end when the kid finally bails off his skis and is bawling his eyes out, screaming that he doesn’t want to go skiing ever again, instead of helping him out or whatever the dad just tries to high five him because ‘he made it.’ I mean the kid is going pretty fast but the dad actually not expect him to ‘make it?’ If so, why the hell didn’t he just go and help him instead of continuing to film him and shouting pizza at him? The kid clearly wasn’t doing the pizza so it’s not like he was listening to him at all and doing anything to actually help himself other than screaming all the way through the journey. Basically the dad is an asshole who probably shouldn’t have had kids, at least not at the moment because he seems to view kids as replacements for his frat boy bros who have all gotten married and moved on from the stupid lifestyle of icing each other, casual rape and beerpong.

It’s still a pretty lolz video though, mainly because of how dumb the dad is but the kid screaming and falling over and then crying is really funny too:

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