This Bad Lip Reading Of Star Wars Will Get You Pumped For The New Movie

Bad Lip Reading Star Wars

These guys always nail it.

Obviously the whole planet is Star Wars crazy right now and rightfully so by the sound of things as everyone I know who’s already seen it has said that it’s absolutely amazing.

If, like me, you haven’t had the privilege yet then you can get in the mood by watching a Bad Lip Reading of the original movie below. Actually, you’ll probably enjoy it even if you have seen the new movie. Bad Lip Reading always absolutely smashes it and has me laughing out loud and this is no exception, they’ve even enlisted the help of Jack Black and Bill Hader to make it even funnier.

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See, Bad Lip Reading always smashes it. I think my favourite part was C3P0 sounding like an Indian man or RJD2 sounding like a little baby. The Obi Wan/storm trooper encounter is probably a good way to get charity workers to actually ignore you in the future too.

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