Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Gets Restraining Order Against Brother Aaron After He Threatens To Kill His Pregnant Wife

Backstreet is not back.

It’s been a while since anyone has really talked about any member of the Backstreet Boys or Lil Aaron Carter, but they’re making up for lost time by returning in one of the most explosive family feuds I think we might have ever covered.

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It’s been revealed today that Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has taken out a restraining order against his brother (Lil) Aaron after he allegedly threatened to kill him and his pregnant wife. As the year is 2019, the news was of course revealed through the Twitter accounts of both men, who said the following:

So that is pretty weird to begin with right, but it gets way weirder after that as Aaron Carter has tweeted about 100 times since both of these tweets went up, talking about how Nick Carter is a bully and a rapist and how he used to sexually assault and statutorily rape younger girls when he was in the Backstreet Boys and how he’s determined to bring him to justice. He also reveals that he hasn’t even spoken to his brother for four years and that Nick often bullied him and treated him and the whole family like shit.

It’s some really dark stuff – here are a few selected tweets:

I mean that’s a lot to take on board and it’s all very jumbled, but what I kinda get from it is that Aaron really doesn’t like his brother and has been actively working with his rape accusers to try and bring him to justice? Which I guess is kind of noble, but there’s also the fact that he went on national television last week and revealed he had been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety and manic depression.

So who knows what to believe and what is going on here? Just hope that everyone involved – whether that be Nick or Aaron Carter or any of the girls Nick alleged raped – manages to sort their shit out and is OK. Really haven’t got a clue who to listen to and what the truth is here. Stay tuned to see another celebrity family completely unravel in real time I guess.

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