Man Tattoos Children Against Their Will, Mum Tries To Remove Tattoos With Razor Blade

This man was babysitting two children when he decided to tattoo them against their will, right before the mum returned home to make the situation worse.

Absolutely mental story out of Virginia, USA — a mum and her boyfriend returned home from a night out to find the woman’s two kids (both under 13) had been tattooed by the babysitter against their will. The mum then inexplicably tried to remove the tattoos using a hot razor blade, which only “added more scarring”.

The babysitter, 20-year-old family friend Alexander Edwards (pictured above), applied the tats using a home kit, and without consent from either the kids or their mum. Edwards has been charged with abduction, malicious wounding and felony child neglect, and the mum and her boyfriend also faces charges of malicious wounding, and felony child abuse charges.

So we know what the face of a babysitter who would tattoo two kids against their will looks like, but what about the face of a mum who would use a hot razor blade to then remove said tattoos?

Yikes! What about the mum’s boyfriend? Surely there has to be at least one responsible adult in this equation?

Yelp! Just a casual screwface and teardrop tattoo — no biggie.

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