‘I Was Stalked By Real-Life Baby Reindeer Fiona Harvey For 5 Years’, Says MP’s Wife



Another day, another person who claims they were/are being stalked by Fiona Harvey – this time a lady named Laura Way, who is the widow of the late Labour MP Jimmy Wray.

Laura claims problems started when she gave Fiona Harvey a two-week trial at her Glasgow law firm in 1997. She lasted a week before being fired for abuse. At one point, Fiona falsely reported Laura to social services for hitting her disabled child.

Eventually, Laura had to get an interim injunction to stop Fiona from contacting her or her politician husband.

Jimmy Wray and wife Laura Walker

27 years on, Laura tells The Mirror:

“I hadn’t thought about her for years. I had forgotten so much of it. Every time someone says a comment, it triggers it again. Memories of things that she did. Some of her actions. It’s pretty distressing. Watching her on Piers Morgan, how did I manage to cope with that for so long?

“My partner and I are concerned about what she might do next. Is she going to come after me? She is posting things on Facebook accusing me of all sorts, and of being abusive. You don’t know where it will end.”

Laura believes she features indirectly in Baby Reindeer via a fictional newspaper article with the headline: Sick stalker targets barrister’s deaf child.

Laura said she was shocked by the fact Netflix “didn’t attempt to hide the stalker’s identity”.

“Even if she wasn’t mentally ill, if you are doing a show billed as a true story where the people are still alive and might be harmed, there is a duty of care. But she seems obviously so mentally ill. They haven’t done enough to protect her.”

On the similarities between the character of Martha Scott and Fiona Harvey in real life:

“It was obvious to me and to a lot of other people that she was my stalker. They made her a lawyer. That detail didn’t have any bearing on the story. They could have made her a doctor, or an accountant.


“The only thing they changed about her was her name. The lady Jessica who played Martha was excellent… she sounds like her, she looks like her. I mean, she had the same laugh, even the same slightly kind of funny waddling walk. Even when I briefly employed her, she would do the same sort of things.”

After being sacked by Laura for abusing people around the office, Fiona allegedly bombarded her with phone calls and disparaged her to other solicitors around Glasgow. She then began targeting her family and friends (which must’ve taken some effort in the pre-Facebook days). The “final straw” was when she reported Laura to social services…

“She made some bizarre allegation that I was in my car driving and somehow managed to hit my son who was sitting in the back of the car in the child seat. Eventually it was all dropped but that’s when I went for an interim injunction. Thankfully, it worked. She didn’t defend it. We never heard any more from her.”

Fiona Harvey has repeatedly denied sending Richard Gadd 41,071 emails, 350 hours of voicemail, 744 tweets, 46 Facebook messages and 106 pages of letters during the period she stalked him, so it’s not the greatest look in the world to then have someone pop up from your past and reveal you treated them similarly 30 years ago. Just as well Twitter and Facebook weren’t around back then otherwise who knows what else Laura Wray and her late husband may have endured?

Well anyway, I guess the next logical step is for Fiona Harvey to release her side of the story via a book or something, and then if that goes well maybe she could be on I’m A Celebrity or Big Brother by the end of the year? We used to have celebrity stalkers and now we have celebrity stalkers – what a time to be alive.

For the Daily Mail journalist who claims Fiona Harvey has been stalking him ever since he interviewed her last week, click HERE.



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