Nursery Day Care Workers Convicted Of Running A Baby ‘Fight Club’


The first rule of Toddler Fight Club is don’t upload the evidence onto Snapchat.

Two employees of a New Jersey day-care centre have been arrested after setting up ‘Fight Club’-style brawls between the toddlers they were looking after, then sharing the footage on Snapchat.

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Erica Kenny, 22, and Chanese White, 27, were charged for arranging the fights between kids aged 4-6 at the Lightbridge Academy in Crandford.

Prosecutors said:

Approximately a dozen boys and girls at the day-care center can be seen in the video clips shoving each other to the ground and attempting to strike each other.

The footage shown in court showed one-on-one battles as well as Royal Rumble-style free-for-alls, which were all apparently inspired by Fight Club.

In the video clips, Kenny can be heard referencing the activity as ‘Fight Club’ – quoting from the book and movie of the same name in encouraging the children to engage each other physically.

Both Kenny and White have been fired.

090115 The Lightbridge Academy daycare center, 560 South Ave East, Cranford, NJ., where two employees were recently arrested for allegedly setting up "fight clubs" with 4 and 5 year old kids. news MATT

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It seems the first rule of Fight Club also applies to Toddler Fight Club, that being – don’t talk about Toddler Fight Club. Staff at they day-care advised parents to keep away from reporters to not discuss the news with anyone.

One mum blatantly broke the rules when she told a news crew:

It’s making me freak out. I am concerned. I’m shocked and disgusted.

Maybe a better rule for these morons would have been don’t put the videos of our Toddler Fight Club online for the world to see? Or maybe just don’t start up a Toddler Fight Club at all. I mean yeah it sounds like a fun idea in theory to get a bunch of 4 year olds to fight each other but it should dawn on you immediately afterwards that it’s actually not a great idea at all.

On the other hand, maybe Toddler Fight Club would help kids become thicker-skinned and just generally tougher? We all know bullying is at all time high these days , especially for teenagers on the Internet. So if you teach kids to squash their beef via fist fight from ages 4-6 maybe that will eventually eradicate the effects of bullying in later life? Just a thought.

For the real thing – check out this raw footage of a New Zealand jail fight club.


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