Babestation Model Tweets ‘I Need A Solisitor’ As She’s Told To Pay £3,100 In Court

Can anyone help?

A Playboy and Babestation model has been ordered to repay £3,100 following a fallout with her ex-boyfriend’s aunt.

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Days before she appeared in court, Kayleigh Wanless, 18, Tweeted ‘I need a solisitor’:

It led to this excellent exchange between her and an admiring follower:

As per Metro, the details of the case are as follows:

[Kayleigh Wanless] and boyfriend Andrew Flavel had first asked Ms Brown for a £1,500 loan to help pay rent on their Tenerife flat, the hearing was told.

The court heard they then asked for a further £1,800 to assist with a deposit on a new home.

Ms Brown then took civil action after Wanless, whose account the money was paid into, failed to pay her back.

Ms Brown said she began to get worried when the money had not been repaid and texted Wanless to say she needed it after her car broke down.

However Ms Wanless repeatedly claimed the cash was ‘not her debt’ and told the court it had ‘nothing to do with her’.

The model, who co-hosted the 2019 UK Glamour Awards this week, claims the money was loaned to Flavell and said she paid for her half of the rent with her earnings.

Following a brief hearing, Judge Michelle Temple ruled that Kayleigh was liable for the money, stating that she had ‘ignored the situation’.

Kayleigh offered her thoughts on the Judge’s verdict with another A+ social media post – this time on Facebook:

Used to believe in the justice system but after today got [to] say what a load of poop.

Never mind, at least she has 80k followers on Instagram – that’s what it’s all about really:


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