World Cup Belgium Fan AKA The Hottest Girl On The Planet Just Got A Deal With L’Oreal

Looks like the world can’t get enough of this girl.

In news that will surprise absolutely no one, that Belgian super fan we keep going on about – Axelle Despiegelaere — has just been signed up by L’Oreal and they’ve already released this video of her:

Hottest woman on the planet? Quite possibly. That was just a video of her getting her hair washed and straightened and it was mesmerising.

What we want to know is what’s she like as a person? Has to be a massive bitch right? Has to be. No way you’re hand picked out of hundreds of thousands of people attending the World Cup in Brazil and told you’re the hottest one there without developing some kind of chip on your shoulder. Just don’t see how she can keep her feet on the ground after that. Must literally wake up every morning, look in the mirror and just laugh at how fucking hot she looks even at 7am.




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