Awful Guy Calls Cops On Neighbour So He Can Rob His Place; Instantly Gets Caught On Live Stream And Arrested

Instant payback.

A really awful dude name Benjamin Michael Frostad got instant payback after this elaborate plot to rob his neighbour’s apartment.

Frostad called up the police and complained that his neighbour Jarid Hamilton was making too much noise. The cops showed up at Jarid’s place and demanded that they see some identification so they could check him for outstanding warrants.

Hamilton questioned this as he wasn’t doing anything wrong – after all he wasn’t because Frostad just made everything up – and so turned on a live stream on his computer to film the situation so if the cop did do anything wrong he would be caught out about it. Whilst this did potentially stop the cop from doing anything drastic, it unfortunately meant that he arrested Hamilton and took him down to the station for questioning.

It also meant that Hamilton didn’t get a chance to lock his front door or turn off his live stream, but Frostad was only aware of one of these facts as he ventured out of his house and started ferreting through Hamilton’s apartment not once but twice, taking headphones, Jordan sneakers, a wallet, a cell phone and some other miscellaneous materials.

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Fortunately, everyone tuned in on live stream could see all this happening and it was filmed, so Frostad got busted because of it. What an absolutely terrible neighbour, but at least he got what was coming to him.

This is probably the only useful application of live stream I’ve ever actually seen, except maybe this example where the guy burns his house down by accident. It’s the perfect example of how not to deal with a fire.


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