15 Year Old Boy Recreates Awesome Stop Motion LEGO Scenes From Your Favourite Movies



We’ve seen some famous movie scenes recreated in LEGO before, but this 15 year old kid called Morgan Spence from Scotland has taken it to the absolute next level be recreating some of the scenes in LEGO and then animating them with stop motion and making them look completely and utterly sick.

The movies he’s featured include Pulp Fiction, Life Of Pi, The Shining and Wayne’s World and he’s completely smashed all of them. To be honest it’s kind of unbelievable that the project was undertaken by someone who’s only 15 – it’s clear that Morgan will be a name in his own right in the future if he keeps on like this.

If you’re digging these LEGO recreations then check out some of your favourite album covers recreated in LEGO too.

Laurel And Hardy

LEGO Movies 1

The Shining

LEGO Movies 2


LEGO Movies 3

Singin’ In The Rain

LEGO Movies 4

Life Of Pi

LEGO MOvies 5

Wayne’s World

LEGO MOvies 6

Pulp Fiction

LEGO Movis 7


LEGO Movies 8

Dr No

LEGO Movies 9

Dirty Dancing

LEGO Movies 10

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

LEGO Movies 11


LEGO Movies 12

The Sound Of Music

LEGO Movies 13

The Wizard Of Oz

LEGO Movies 14



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