Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #35

Episode 35 of Russian rampaging brings us swimming badges, a plethora of weird car based shizzle and some sinister moggies.

Welcome to the 35th serving of insightful snaps from the Russian zone. The fact that Russia’s provinces span one-third of the globe gives them ample opportunity to present us with weird and sometimes confusing images. Here’s some I’ve found over the last 7 days on social media and chat sites…

Let’s start with a lovely couple of kids that I’m sure aren’t up to no good. Perhaps it’s Halloween or something? Or maybe they’re just very cold and a balaclava is the only viable option?:

Russia With Love - Baddies

Talented cats abound in Russia. The frequent sub-zero temperatures have sharpened their focus:

Russia With Love - balancing cat

Bike on the balls. Unpleasant I would imagine.

Russia With Love - bike in the groin

See what I mean about the cats? No one is safe.

Russia With Love - cat knife and dog

That seems like a completely legitimate place to park your car to me?

Russia With Love - central reservation

☛ Next Up: Tashirojima: The Japanese Cat Island

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