Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #31



Welcome to the 31st slice of Russian japes and jives. Today’s moronic mish-mash features classy chicks, parking restrictions, medieval fails, OAP spies, Ukrainian mining and hardcore squirrels.

First up a couple of classy Russian ladies. It’s just like Sex In The City isn’t it?

Awesome Photos From Russia - party two

I’ve been putting these bad boys together for quite a while now so I’m growing more familiar with some of the general themes in Russian media. One story that crops up over and over is a recent switch in the way parking in cities is handled.

For years there were no parking meters or parking wardens, you just parked for free in Moscow. Within the last couple of years a new scheme has been set up where CCTV cameras pick up your car registration number and charge you for how long you park. People aren’t impressed about having to pay for something that’s been free for so long. So they cheat the system…

It’s not that the driver can’t afford the fee, he’s got a BMW after all, it’s the principal…

Awesome Photos From Russia - Parking fine

Some people still do it the good old fashioned way though:

Awesome Photos From Russia - Parking

Top quality jokes here. A simple sketch of some genitalia would have done the trick, but these guys have got high standards:

Awesome Photos From Russia - pirate face

Town planning fail #1:

Awesome Photos From Russia - Playground

On Russian social media sites there’s been quite a bit of anti-Obama stuff since the Crimea thing. They don’t like him meddling in their affairs…

Awesome Photos From Russia - Putin Obama Shark

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