Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #24

Today’s chunk of Russia features a holy astronaut suit, wedding weirdness and various fashion mysteries. It should be a good one.

Yup. We’re back. On today’s rosta we’ve got quite a few completely ridiculous wedding photos; I don’t know what the opposite of “classy” is but that’s what they are. Update: I just looked up what the opposite of “classy” is, one of the suggestions was “inelegant” and I think that’s probably too mild a word as you’ll soon see.

This edition also features a holy astronaut suit and various fashion mysteries so it should be a good one. If you mix holy men with outer space I’m always going to be pretty happy.

This snap was posted on a Russian media site this week. It was taken at a food stall in a train station. For some reason I’ve lost my appetite.

Russia With Love - Kazansky railway station

Hair is free, clothes are expensive. Here’s the answer to your tiny pay packet:

Russia With Love - long ahir lady dress

Here’s another Russian police gent taking his role and uniform very seriously.

Russia With Love - Sleeping Fed

Below is the first of our massively inelegant wedding photos. Mr Bear having a little snoozy time. Aw… cute.

Russia With Love - smashed

I like to imagine that the lady below was given this head scarf by a cantankerous grandson. On the other hand it would just be pretty cool if she was a massive toker.

Russia With Love - smoking nan

Next up a nice little montage of snow taking the Micky out of Stalin. You’d probably get shot if you were a human messing with the statues, but snow gets off Scott free.

Russia With Love - snow joke

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