Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #2



Hilarious Russian Photos - Walrus

Here we are, back at last with part two of “Awesome Photos From Russia With Love”. This comeback is due to a massive demand for photos and information about our Russian cousins. That, and the fact that I have butt loads of photos of Russian things. Today’s stash won’t disappoint I’m sure…

First up I’m going to give you a series of what could be described as architectural fails, but I personally describe them as architectural reach-arounds. Sometimes buildings and items from the home don’t quite measure up. Maybe you don’t have the time or money to sort DIY related stuff out, maybe you really couldn’t be arsed, so what you gonna do? You’re going to sort out the issue using your brain. That’s what these Russian peeps have managed. Learn:

Hilarious Russian Photos - Mind The Small Drop

Hilarious Russian Photos - Light Fitting Luxury

A free light fitting. Why wouldn’t you do this? It also has the added bonus of letting ALL of the light through so you don’t waste any. Plus, you no longer need your Glade plug-in, coz you will forever have a room filled with the odor of relaxing melted plastic. Genius.

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Bagsy not sitting in the corner of the room at the top of this building please. I mean, I do trust you and everything Mr Builder, but…. ermmm… oooohhh… is that the time, I must be off.

Hilarious Russian Photos - Make Do Win 2

To be fair I can’t really see a purpose for a staircase that goes nowhere though? Russian art perhaps?

Hilarious Russian Photos - Stairway To Nowhere

These next two buildings look like they are leaning in for a kiss. Aahhhhh… sweet. But don’t worry, some people have popped some sticks in between them so they should definitely be safe now.

Hilarious Russian Photos - Unstable

Last in the ‘interesting architecture’ section is this lavatorial beauty. It’s a make do and mend situation. You can’t have a toilet without a door, but if you only have a door with a glass window out back in the garage, is that OK as a quick fix? Clearly not. I guess it will still trap some smell away from the urinals but I’m not sure I could enjoy laying a leisurely cable in here:

Hilarious Russian Photos - Watch Me Do A Log

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Next category – animals. I’ve brought together three of my favourite animal based Russian photos. I hope you enjoy them, they are all close to my heart and fill me with wisdom and mirth. First up, what the frick is this:

Hilarious Russian Photos - Fish Cake

Seriously, what’s going on here? The dog’s worried face shows that he knows what’s coming, he knows what the massive loaf signifies and it’s terrifying him. I wish I could read that petrified pooch’s mind:

Hilarious Russian Photos - Big Man, Big Bread, Worried Dog

Now what’s a donkey doing in a petrol station? I though they were flammable?:

Hilarious Russian Photos - Transport

There you are….. stay tuned for #3 you Russian loving hot steppers you….

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