Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #13

Today’s episode brings us a range of pleasures from Russian fashion to zebra crossings via death defying toilets. It’s lucky 13 people.

Number 13, unlucky for some, but not for us. As the image at the top of this article tells you, we’re in for a rollicking Russian treat. We’ll start with a couple of animal based pictures if you don’t mind. Firstly, here’s a couple of reasons not to go camping in Russia:

1) It’s freezing

2) Hungry, hungry bears

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love - Camp and Bears

As with many of the pictures in these posts, I just wish I knew the back story. This next one is no different. How did two perfectly nice looking kitties end up with a stash of what I presume are magic mushrooms? And are they having a good trip or a bad trip? The smaller of the felines looks like he might be smiling but the bigger one is definitely wearing a scowl.

Maybe they’re not even magic mushrooms? Maybe they’re in a damp hut in the wilderness and the fungus is just growing straight through the floor boards?

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love - Cat Mushrooms

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