Awesome Girls Expose Cheating Wife At Baseball Game

Cheaters Expose Wife Baseball Game

Cheaters never prosper.

If you’re cheating on your husband, you probably need to be pretty careful about it.

The classic trick is to change the name of the person you’re cheating on him with to something else in your phone so they think you’re just texting your mate. Then you probably think that you can text this person when you’re right in front of him and they’ll be none the wiser. You might be right about that and it might work for a while, but unfortunately it’s not gonna work if there’s anyone who’s remotely moral sitting behind you and peeking at your phone, as this woman recently found out at a baseball game.

Even though she was sitting next to her husband at the ball game, this woman still couldn’t stop texting her piece on the side who was saved under her phone as Nancy but whose actual name was Mark. The people behind her clocked this as she was texting him and decided to inform her husband by writing him a crafty note, as you can see below in the tweets that they sent out bigging themselves up for their actions, which I suppose is fair enough really:

Yeah, I suppose you can argue that it really wasn’t any of these girls’ business and they’ve essentially destroyed this dude’s marriage by telling him, but I’m firmly behind these girls telling him the truth so he doesn’t have to deal with his bitch of a wife texting her side guy whilst he’s supposed to be enjoying a baseball match with her. I bet he bought her the tickets and her hot dog and everything too, although it kind of sounds by his reaction that he had some idea that this was going on in the first place.

It would be great to know the end of the story – maybe he ended up supergluing her vagina shut like this guy who found out about his wife’s infidelity.


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