28 Awesome Examples Of Band Merch



It’s pretty cool when you go and see your favourite band when you’re a kid and they’re selling merch which is slightly different to the normal stuff you normally get at gigs e.g. t-shirt and CDs/vinyl because it’s just so cool and you just have to get it because nobody has stuff like that. This is why I’ve got a set of Lagwagon shot glasses and a pair of Blink 182 socks and a pair of Flatliners sunglasses. Hey, I don’t regret buying any of them.

Some guys have taken it even further though with their latest merch designs, which you can see below and on the following pages. They include signature hot sauce (!), onesies, lunchboxes, ponchos and Russian dolls. I’m not saying I’d buy all of this crap, but I’d definitely be tempted by some of it. It’s just a shame that all the bands are pretty much whack.

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1. The Acacia Strain — Ninja Turtles lunchbox and thermos
The Acacia Strain lunchbox
2. Alkaline Trio — Heartskull coaster
Alkaline Trio Coaster
3. All Time Low – UNKLE UNIPO figurines
UNKLE UNIPO figurines

4. Breathe Carolina — Savages lighter
Breathe Carolina savages lighter

5. Bring Me The Horizon — Bring Me The BBQ Sauce
Bring Me The Horizn barbeque sauce

6. Candy Hearts — The Best Way To Drink A Beer koozie
Candy Hearts Beer Koozie

7. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! — Pardon My French red foam finger
Chunk! No Captain Chunk foam finger



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