Avril Lavigne Tells Topless Woman Who Storms Stage To “Get The F*** Off, B*tch”

She did as she was told.

I’m not sure the Juno Awards is the best place for an activist to get their message across, seeing as nobody watches it, but this one took her chances anyway and was eventually cussed off stage by Avril Lavigne.

The Sk8er Boi legend spoke for everyone in attendance when she exclaimed “get the f*** off, bxtch”:

Additional footage shows a security guard just standing there either mesmerised by this protester’s naked form or wondering whether this was part of the presentation:

The activist had the words ‘Land Back’ written across her arms, which is a campaign seeking to reestablish indigenous land rights. Fair play to her – at least she didn’t come across like a total lunatic by screaming and shouting and throwing paint all over the stage. Storming the stage at the Juno Awards while naked is relatively tame stuff by today’s standards.

Hit it:

Avril Lavigne also recently confirmed that she’s dating LA rapper Tyga. Thoughts and prayers with Mod Sun at this difficult time.


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