Autocorrect Fails: Part 2

Autocorrect failures

You loved part 1 so much so here’s some more autocorrect fails.

If you’ve got a mobile phone they you’ve probably been there. Tapping your screen like a madman and proceeding to quickly press send without a care in the world, before coming to the sudden realisation that what you actually intended to write has been kindly warped by your phones own psyche — also known as autocorrect.

Usually, I’m pretty good with texting a coherent message, but that’s because I’m a writer and I treat my texts like fucking essays, spending far too much time structuring them until they’re right — pointless, I know, but I do it anyway. It completes me.

Still, I can’t satisfy my desire for language cohesion all of the time and a quick fire texting session often leaves me in the autocorrect doghouse. My prime autocorrect fail is because I love abbreviating the word ‘second’ to the word ‘sec’ (I honestly believe it saves me time). Anyway, my beloved iPhone delightfully changes this to the word ‘sex’ each and every time, without fail. Behold:

sex autocorrect

That’s nothing though in comparison with what you’re about to see. Luckily for me, the faithful power of autocorrect has stung many others in much more horrific ways. We’ve put a few autocorrect failures here on Sick Chirpse but that was a while back and the site (DYAC) has plenty of great recent absolute fails to have a giggle at.  I’ve had a quick hunt around to find a few of the best, and these 15 had me in absolute creases. Enjoy:

Blowing Minors autocorrect

camel to tea

Cunt Hair Autocorrect

Dad fisting autocorrect

deeper dick autocorrect

Did you climax autocorrect

Granny grave autocorrect

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