This Australian Dude Just Went Nuclear On His Colleague In The Grossest Prank Ever (VIDEO)

Turd Toastie Maker


When it comes to workplace pranks, I don’t think that anyone in the business has got anything going on what’s happening down under in the Australian tradie business, and this video is proof of that again.

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Usually it’s the first year apprentice that is getting totally rinsed by the senior guys, but in this one a first year decides to go absolutely nuclear on a third year and nobody seems to mind. The first year finds the dude’s on site sandwich press and decides to take a turd in it. 

Whilst that is kinda funny to begin with, it’s also completely and utterly revolting and would probably get you fired if you did it in any other job. But it’s just fair play in the tradie game. This is only the beginning though, as it gets even worse for this third year apprentice.

Probably funnier if you just watch it back without any spoilers to be honest:

Wow. Did you see the size of that second one? It was like something that would come out of a dog’s ass, let alone a human’s. Really impressive effort there, and really impressive to go after someone two years more senior than you. I suppose he kinda deserves it for that hairstyle and bringing a toastie maker on site too. That shit’s just asking for trouble.

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