Australian Nutter Gets A Selfie With A Tornado In The Outback

Selfie Outback

Best selfie ever?

The quest for the most epic selfie continues and this guy must certainly be a contender with his insane selfie with a tornado in the outback. It’s even better than this guy’s selfie with a plane crash.

The guy has to have a screw loose to run right up to the tornado and pose with it and he almost pays the ultimate price as it looks like things get pretty hectic for him. You can’t really tell what’s happening due to his shoddy camerawork – which is kind of like a scary bit of Cloverfield or something – but it seems like he runs back to his car and the tornado passes over it and he’s OK, but even so it’s a terrifying piece of footage and it really looks like he might be a goner at one point.

Still, I guess that’s what you need to get to take a good selfie these days and there’s no denying that that’s what he’s achieved with the fine specimen you see above. Hopefully he doesn’t do anything that stupid any time soon.


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