Australian News Report Accidentally Uses ‘Big Dick’ Meme In Weather Segment (VIDEO)

That’s gonna cause quite a downpour.

One of the biggest stars of the pandemic era has been big dick guy AKA Wardy Joubert III, who did the rounds worldwide as part of a prank text that links to a NSFW image of his massive penis. Since then, the guy has been meme’d into oblivion, with countless photo and video edits of him around the internet.

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The other night, WIN News in Ballarat, Australia, asked for submissions of any wild weather viewers had filmed in the area, as the region got battered by strong storms.

One joker sent in a clip of a lightning strike where, if you look close enough, you can see an image of Wardy Joubert III and his massive piece lighting up the sky (Via Metro):

Here’s a closer look:

WIN have since deleted the footage from all their social media pages, but as we know, everything lives forever on the internet. Not that it matters really because most people just found it funny. Would be great if there was some old lady sat at home though who saw the news report live and wondered whether it was just a beautiful natural phenomenon.

It was widely reported back in March that Wardy actually passed away a few years back. We wrote a profile of the man HERE. Lived an interesting life to say the least.


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