Australian Men Are Paying Up To $1000 For Botox On Their Scrotum

The new must have cosmetic surgery trend.

I’ve never been one to bother too much bout how I look or present myself to other people, but I know for a fact that there are more than a few people out there that will spend thousands and thousands of pounds on the latest cosmetic surgeries to ensure that they look just how they want to be perceived.

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Thanks to this industry, there are always new techniques and processes emerging to help people achieve their dreams and apparently the latest one over in Australia is injecting Botox into your scrotum. Usually I associate Botox as being injected into your face to reverse the ageing process – and mostly in the faces of women at that as well – but over in Australia people are also using it to reverse the decline of their testicles.

Yeah, that’s right – people are injecting botox into their scrotums and calling it Scrotox. I guess if your balls hang low then it makes them look a bit tighter and less wrinkled or something. I don’t think I’ve really ever spent that long examining my balls – on how they look at least – but maybe this is something I should be doing now if I ever want to get laid again?

In fairness, one doctor has said that the main reason men are getting Scrotox is because their scrotum is tightly contracted and this squeezes their balls and causes a lot of pain for them. The procedure helps to loosen them up a bit which is more than OK with me and not that weird. But doing it to make your balls look better does kinda rankle me and feel a bit strange, doesn’t it?

Scrotox also isn’t without its dangers: Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand spokesperson Associate Professor Peter Chin explains:

Botox is a medication derived from a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, which is actually a toxin used to paralyse nerves in a specific area.

If you’re injecting it into the muscle itself, you’re paralysing the localised area, which will relax the scrotum and is relatively safe. But the scrotum is a very vascular organ, and there is a potential risk for the Botox to travel throughout the body if injected incorrectly.

I guess you’ve just gotta make sure that you’re paying that $1000 for someone who knows how to administer the stuff properly and effectively. Hopefully, a blackmarket scene doesn’t develop with people getting injections into their balls in seedy motels in downtown Adelaide because they’re so desperate for their scrotums to look nicer.

Incredibly, Australia is actually now the plastic/cosmetic surgery capital of the world with 2017 figures showing that they’ve overtaken America. Didn’t see that one coming.

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