An Australian Man Is Campaigning To Get His KFC Restaurant A Michelin Star

They probably deserve it.

There are many words that you can use to describe KFC – greasy, cheap, finger lickin’ good are a few that immediately come to mind – but I doubt that many people out there would use the words gourmet or Michelin Starred in a positive sentence about the fast food joint.

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One man from Australia is looking to change all that though and get his KFC the Michelin Star that he reckons it deserves. Sam Edelman has owned his KFC in Alice Springs for the past 20 years and reckons that it’s the most remote restaurant in the world and he feels like this entitles him to the accolade, as people travel literally thousands of miles to eat at his particular Alice Springs due to the fact it’s in the literal middle of nowhere in the Northern Territories.

Sam has actually got a bit of a point here though so here him out. If you look at the official Michelin Star guide, the criteria for achieving one star is ”a very good restaurant in its category’. For two stars it’s ‘excellent cooking, worth a detour’ and to qualify for three stars ‘the restaurant must serve ‘exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey’. His claim might be a bit unorthodox, but if people really are travelling that far for KFC then it literally does fit the exact requirements of the criteria.

Here’s his official application video, as well as what he recently said to The Today Programme:

Now, this is a bit crazy but I'm sure we can give this Michelin thing a go. Hear me out…

Posted by Sam Edelman on Monday, 17 June 2019

We have customers here in Alice Springs that come from 500 or 1,000 kilometres away to get a couple of buckets of chicken.

We have excellent cooking so I kind of thought, ‘Why can’t we be recognised?’ And at the same time it’s a little bit cheeky as well.

I know that my Kentucky Fried Chicken is worth a special journey which is three stars but do you know what, if I get one star I will be very happy.

Well like I said originally he has got a point there and it seems like he’s going all our with his campaign to make it happen. The bad news for him right now is that the Michelin system hasn’t yet made it to Australia that might put a bit of a dampener in his immediate plans to get one, but maybe his campaign will serve as a catalyst to get him over there. Fingers crossed for the guy.

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