Australian Kayaker Posts Saddest And Most Courageous Facebook Live Video Before Dying At Sea


Not sure how you were feeling this morning, but if you want to ruin that completely then it’s probably a good idea to watch the video below of 43 year old Australian Jeremy Worthy, who uploaded it to Facebook Live after he was lost at sea in his kayak.

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You’re probably expecting him to be babbling around in tears, desperate for someone to come and rescue him but the video is exactly the opposite of this as he accepts his situation stoically and just seems to be getting on with it and trying to get out of it. This makes it all the more tragic when you learn that his dead body was found washed up on the shore a few hours after it was filmed.

Get ready for all the feels:

Damn. That’s kind of awe inspiring how calm he is but also kinda sad, especially when you think that his laid back demeanour may have contributed to his death as anyone who saw it may have thought he was just messing around and wasn’t in a life threatening situation or anything. Sad.

You gotta feel for Pauly as well. No idea who that is at the moment and we all know that Australians love rinsing each other, but even so for someone to say that the situation where they ended up dying was all on yours probably going to cut for a while, even if it was meant in jest. Hope Pauly is doing OK out there and RIP Jeremy too. Thoughts with his family and friends, especially Pauly.

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