This Australian Guy Eats The Most Insane Burgers Anyone Has Ever Seen And Absolutely Smashes Them

Australian Dude Most Insane Burgers Featured

You’re not going to believe what some of the burgers he smashes through look like.

Everybody loves burgers, and everybody loves insane looking humongous burgers with different toppings and crazy amounts of food dolloped on top of them, even if there’s no way that most of us could even contemplate eating them.

This Australian dude called Cal Stubbs isn’t most of us though. He’s a competitive burger eater from Australia and has demolished some of the most ridiculous looking burgers I’ve ever laid eyes on. Seriously, this kind of stuff makes Man Vs Food look like a baby.

Thankfully, Cal posts all the pictures of these monstrous burgers on his Instagram for everyone to see, so you can see some truly wonderful and unique burgers on the slideshow below.

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Australian Burgers 2

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