Beatboxing Legend Tom Thum Performing New Hit Live Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Tom Thum

How the hell does he do this?

Beatboxing is one of the most insane skills in the world and I still can’t really get my head around how people manage to do it. 

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Tom Thum is one of the best beatboxers in the world and he continues to push the envelope with what he pulls out during his live show. He just dropped a new track called RatchetFace and performed it live at the Beatbox World Championships and it is absolute fire. You gotta see this to believe it:

Whoa, that fat guy in the crowd is loving it eh? To be fair it is completely and utterly sick though so you can’t really knock it, especially when he does that weird singing bit. Never really seen a beatboxer do anything like that before, although I’m not really an expert by any stretch of the imagination. Still seriously impressive though even if everyone is doing it.

Here’s a completely sick video of Michael Jackson performing a beatbox version of Bille Jean. Mindblowing.


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