This Child Will Be The First Toddler To Undergo A Sex Change Operation

Trans kid

Too soon.

I’m all behind transgender people – hey, if that’s how people feel, then why not just let them do it right? It’s not affecting me. But this next story, I’m not so sure about.

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Over in Australia, the New South Wales Department of Education has set up a Safe Schools Initiative to help transgender children and have announced that a number of them are currently transitioning with the youngest being four-years-old. Now, again if this person thinks that’s the right thing to do then OK. I’m just fully aware of the fact that I didn’t have a clue about anything when I was four-years-old except maybe cartoons, so I think it’s kind of a big decision to be making at that age.

That view is even echoed by transgender advocate Catherine McGregor:

I would have thought four is pretty young for any official policy support.

In my experience, kids with strong cross-gender identification tend to get it right.

However, I can understand there would be caution on the part of the department and medical practitioners on making any irreversible decisions at that stage.

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Clinical psychologist Rose Cantali was also concerned:

I would be very hesitant and other psychologists would say the same. Everything is developmental at that age.

Four-years-old was ‘absolutely too early’ for a child to change gender.

Hmm. I suppose you can be an expert in something and not know the answer and at the end of the day it lies with the person that the issue is affecting like I said at the start and in this situation it’s the four-year-old. I hope it works out for them, and to be honest it has every chance. I read an interview with Laura Jane Grace where she said she always wanted to wear dresses when she was young so maybe this person knows exactly what they want. Good luck to them. Any thoughts?

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