Audi Faces Angry Backlash After Comparing Women To Second Hand Cars

It’s like an ad from the 60s.

German carmaker Audi has caused outrage in China after it used an advert to liken women to second hand cars.

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The advert shows a wedding that is interrupted by the groom’s mum who begins to physically examine the bride in order to give the OK signal to the couple (before the bride realises that the mother didn’t check her breasts). The advert then makes the statement:

An important decision must be made carefully.

The ad has predictably caused outrage worldwide. Here’s what one commenter said on Chinese website Weibo:

Has Audi lost its mind to compare women to second hand cars?

Withdraw the video from the Internet and apologise in public!

An investigation has now been launched into Audi’s publicity department in China. Something tells me someone is definitely getting fired for this – worst marketing idea ever.

It’s literally like an advert from the 60s. While we’re on the topic, check out these vintage ads that would definitely be banned today.


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