At The Drive In Full Set From Coachella – Video And Free Download

Watch a video of the full set and download the MP3’s right here!

So, a lot of people lost their shit earlier this year when it was announced that At The Drive In were playing a reunion set at Coachella. I wasn’t really that bothered though, I was never that into them. Anyway, they played a show last week and some people got really excited about that too. Then this weekend I guess they played Coachella, but nobody really seemed that bothered about it because Tupac came back from the dead and performed as a hologram and that seemed to garner most of the attention.I mean it is way more big news to seea hologram of a dead rapper than seeing the actuality of a seminal 00’s band reuniting for the first time in 10 years right? Right? Well, you tell me but according to twitter it is.

Anyway, even though I wasn’t that bothered about it I figured a few people might have been, so here’s a full video of their whole set from Coachella. Only 2000 people have bothered to watch it though so I guess not that many people were bothered, and most of the comments are all stuff like ‘man Cedric and Omar have lost it’ or ‘it’s so LOLZ seeing this band say stuff about consumerism when they are getting back together for big bucks and playing the biggest festival in USA, $ellout$.’ I don’t really care about either of those things, so what if they’re getting some big bucks it’s not as if Sparta is doing so well, they probably need them. I was just never that into them. Here’s the full set below. They didn’t play that song about dancing on the corpses ashes though which was pretty disappointing:

Jerkstore was really excited about the At The Drive In show though and he sent me a rip of the whole set. So if you want to download that so you can listen to it on your headphones when you’re catching the bus or something click HERE.


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