Astronaut Tim Peake Accidentally ‘Prank Calls’ Earth

Ground control to major… oh no sorry, wrong number.

I remember the prank calling days – being 13 and calling your mum’s mate in an Aussie accent asking if they would like to buy some porn or something stupid like that.

But apparently this type of behaviour isn’t just exclusive to pre-teens and stoners. In fact, this week British astronaut Tim Peake showed that even the cleverest people on earth get involved as he dialled the wrong number from aboard the International Space Station.

He was trying to call his family and asked the woman who answered the phone “Hello, is this planet earth?” It’s not clear what her reply was but he took to Twitter to announce his silly mistake:

OK, so even he said that this wasn’t exactly a prank call but maybe this should give him a few ideas. It must get pretty boring up there at times – he could totally utilise this and make some amazingly funny headlines.

He also shared this pretty sweet photo earlier:

Following his evisceration at the hands of Twitter trolls last week, I wonder if David Cameron has been keeping up with Peake’s latest activities?


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