Aston Villa Fan Has Face Slashed By Fellow Supporter After Disagreement Following Victory

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Football fans have been up in arms about the actions of one Birmingham City fan’s attack on Aston Villa player Jack Grealish over the weekend, but it turns out that it’s not even rival fans or players that rile some fans up – it can be their own team’s fellow supporters as well.

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Aston Villa fan Martin Hollinshead is claiming that he had his throat slashed by a fellow Aston Villa fan last night after he jumped off a coach at the Bagot Arms in Erdington. He had been travelling back from Villa’s away win at Nottingham Forest on a club coach, which makes the scenes even more bizarre as surely the fans should have been celebrating rather than cutting each other up?

Here are a couple of tweets from the man himself, then his account of what happened:

We’d just pulled up back from the Nottingham Forest game.

I had a verbal argument with another fan on the coach over getting off and, as we had got off, he just went for me.

For me, it was probably a Stanley knife and it cut all my face open. Blood was gushing out, yeah.

He went to use the tool again from out of his pocket but there were about seven or eight witnesses.

I was on my own and was just waiting to get a taxi home.

It’s just so shameful how a fellow fan can do this. It’s shamed our club.

I needed 40 stitches to sort my face out.

I mean I’m not even sure if you really need to even bring the whole football element into this because it’s still pretty outrageous for someone to slit someone’s throat over an argument about getting off a bus, but it does make it a whole bunch worse when you realise that they’re supposed to be scumbag football hooligans that support the same team? Surely there’s some kind of honour system which means you don’t attack your own supporters?

I guess this is just proof that every football team has their scumbag fans and that there are just a lot of awful, awful people around in this country, whether it be football fans or otherwise with the recent resurgence of knife crime everywhere. Hopefully people get a grip and stop acting like this and the police actually do something about it, but the way everything seems to be going in this country I sincerely doubt it.

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