Asian Girl Records Racists She’s Met On Omegle During The Pandemic (VIDEO)

Some of these disses are absolutely brutal.

There’s been a well-documented rise in race attacks and xenophobia against Asians during the pandemic, and especially in America where racism is something of a national hobby.

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Case in point – this girl named Sophie Wang who just wanted to kill some time on Omegle while in quarantine, and ending up getting rinsed by a whole bunch of different people she was matched with:

Oh her TikTok, Sophie wrote “i had a lot more clips but i couldn’t fit them all in a minute” and has now taken to calling herself the “ceo of finding racist people on omegle”, which sounds like the easiest job in the world considering all she has to do is turn her camera on and wait for people to abuse her.

Update – here’s the second video where she shares the rest of the clips:

So yeah, obviously not cool at all. We all know racism exists but it’s still pretty shocking to see it used so casually among young people on social media and with their faces on full display to boot. That’s how dumb these people are – they couldn’t even look into the future for one second and realise this was going to be plastered all over the internet. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what the repurcussions will be because there’s no doubt this lot are going to be named and shamed, possibly by the time you read this.

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