Watch This Unreal 3-Way Fight Between An Asian Bullfrog, Snake And Scorpion

Triple threat match – who you backing?

We all know the fable of the Frog and the Scorpion, but what happens when you also throw a Snake into the mix? Well thanks to some nutter who organised a triple threat match between an Asian bullfrog, a snake and scorpion, we may have our answer…

Wild stuff. Although let’s be honest – it wasn’t all that conclusive. I don’t think any of them even realised they were in a fight? The frog just ends up swallowing the scorpion whole and somehow didn’t end up having his insides stung into oblivion, and then I guess was too full up to have the snake for dessert? He did seem a bit embarrassed about that to be fair.

Is it possible the scorpion did end up stinging the frog’s insides and the frog eventually dropped dead, resulting in a W for the snake? What a victory that would be – didn’t even have to do anything! Anyway I’m amazed this stuff is allowed up on YouTube given what the likes of PETA would have to say about it, but an interesting look at the brutality of the animal kingdom all the same.

To watch an insane video of a murder hornet brutalising a mouse for a full minute, click HERE. What a way to go.


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