Asda Have Released A Vindaloo Pizza For National Curry Week

vindaloo Pizza

Where do they think this stuff up?

The supermarkets in this country are always bringing out awesome wacky low priced items for your consumption and the latest one of these is a chicken vindaloo pizza from Asda.

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The 14 inch pizza has been brought out to coincide with National Curry Week and will set you back a measly £3.50. The pizza contains a vindaloo base sauce, succulent spicy chicken pieces, a lime pickle drizzle and mini poppadoms on top, which probably have to be the most bizarre pizza topping I’ve ever heard of in history.

Here’s a picture of this monstrosity alongside the comments of Nick Robinson, Asda’s Category Planning Assistant, said, as per Mirror:


We know Brits love a unique hybrid product, and we wanted a way of honouring the flavours of National Curry Week, so what better way to do this than on the UK’s most loved takeaway – pizza.

The fusion of Italian and Indian flavours works extremely well, providing a pop of spice in every slice, so we know it’ll be a hit with customers.

I mean he has got a point about Brits loving hybrid food and loving pizza and curry, but every time I think about this pizza it makes me want to do a little sick in my mouth. Especially those mini poppadoms – they’re just so weird I can’t believe anyone would actually enjoy them to be honest. There aren’t any pictures of what they actually look like floating around the internet yet and that will make a difference – FYI even though National Curry Week starts on October 22nd, Asda have still rolled these out early because they know everyone is going to be intrigued by them – but I still can’t see it being anything but rough. Happy to be proved wrong though sure.

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