VIDEO: Concert Goer Climbs To Top Of Stage Tower At ASAP Rocky Concert, Falls

Drunk dude climbs up some stage equipment at ASAP Rocky’s NYE bash, dangles for a while, then falls several metres to the ground and suffers serious injuries.

So looks like this guy got a little bit carried away at ASAP Rocky’s NYE concert in Perth, Australia and somehow slipped past security and scaled up the lighting truss – defo a no-access area.

With no getting-back-down strategy in place, he just dangles there for a while before losing his grip and falling several metres to the ground.

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It’s safe to assume the guy was smashed off his face and probably thought he was doing something cool and appropriately crazy for NYE. But that’s the thing with getting too smashed at these things – one minute you’re the life of party the next you come to the realisation that you’re dangling over a crowd of people and ASAP Rocky’s calling you an idiot and everyone’s just waiting for you to fall and break all your bones.

No word on what actual injuries he suffered — just that they’re “serious but not life-threatening”.

Watch below:




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