Ashes 57 is an illustrator, graphic artist and photographer who is heavily influenced by the urban and dubstep music scene

It was by complete chance that I came across this illustrator, graphic artist and street snapper Delphine Ettinger, aka ‘Ashes 57’. Her stuff was being exhibited in the Art Corner of Fallowfield, Manchester from November to December of last year.

As a self-confessed heavy bass addict, Ashes became immersed in the New York dubstep scene and began illustrating flyers and posters for infamous Dub War parties. She continued to be influenced by the fresh music scene which was taking over the UK when she became a part of LAVA Collective: a London-based audio and visual art collective. This spurred her on to work with established artists, producers and labels over this side of the pond. Making a name for herself in the music scene, Ashes became the go-to girl for creating unique designs for the likes of Deep Medi, DMZ and Wu-Tang Clan.

When I first discovered the gallery, I was instantly awe —struck by her striking illustrations and snapped up two of her limited pieces of artwork. Inspired by her time spent in the urban music and artistic communities of London, Canada and New York has enabled Ashes to create distinctive line-drawings unlike no other I have seen. 

Along with her line drawings, Ashes 57 has taken exclusive shots of music maestros: Public Enemy, Ghotsface Killah, Loefah, Jehst, Mala, Coki, Skream, Benga, Silkie, Quest & more.


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