This Guy’s Nose Has Been Absolutely Obliterated After “Snorting Glass” By Accident

Careful what you put up your nose.

You might know Artie Lange as an American comedian best known for his stints on the Howard Stern show.

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Well he’s now accomplished something worthy of featuring on Sick Chirpse – obliterating his own nose by accidentally snorting glass.

I mean look at state of the guy’s beak – what a total disaster:

Artie is back in court following a probation violation after he tested positive for cocaine:

As for what happened to his nose:

According to, Lange has had to have surgery on his nose due to years of snorting cocaine and heroin.

They reported that in one incident he accidentally snorted glass when trying to suck up smashed OxyContin tablets, which left him with no septum and a lot of ribbing from his followers about his appearance.

Chronic use of cocaine can caused the septum – the wall of cartilage and bone that separates your two nostrils – to become misaligned.

Good thing he has a sense of humour about it, I guess?

Let’s hope Artie is able to get the help he needs and sort himself out. I mean I’m pretty sure there’s no saving his nose but it would be good if he kept the rest of himself intact from now on. We wish him the best of luck. 

P.S. Just don’t tell him about London’s cocaine loyalty card scheme.


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