Arsenal Star Alex Iwobi Filmed Partying At Drug Fuelled Rave Hours Before FA Cup Knockout To Notts Forest

Alex Iwobi

Not the best preparation.

As a professional footballer these days, there are a lot of things that you have to give up if you want to make it at the top level. Unfortunately for some young players, the temptations of drugs and alcohol and a good time with their friends often comes at the expense of their careers.

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Arsenal’s Alex Iwobi is the latest to find this out. You probably heard that Arsenal got dumped out of the FA Cup on Sunday rather embarrassingly by lowly Notts Forest 4-2, but you probably weren’t aware that Alex Iwobi was up partying until at least 2:37 am in Soho the night before. Uh oh – Arsene Wenger definitely isn’t going to like that.

There’s a video of him emerging on social media that shows him dancing around and singing and shouting at a the party. One witness described it as a veritable drug session, so it’s probably not the best place to be spending your time before a football match, even if it is against a crappy team. You can see the video below and here’s what that witness actually said:

They were keeping everyone in the building awake.

I was woken at 1am by chanting and singing and went to complain.

There were laughing gas canisters all over the place and a strong smell of weed.

They claimed they hadn’t been allowed into a club and that’s why they rented the flat.

Pretty sweet deal if you can afford it right? If you can’t get into the central London club in Soho, just rent an Air BnB instead – job done. And to top it off it looks like a hell of a good time too. Wish I got invited to parties like that/could afford to do that.

Anyway, in fairness, I’m fairly sure that Iwobi was partying on the Friday/Saturday night and not the actual night before the Sunday game – most of the other reports are saying it as ‘Saturday’ so it’s a bit ambiguous – which isn’t really that bad because he still has a whole day and a half to recover and as he’s only 21 he should be able to get away with it. Should be able to.

Unfortunately for Iwobi, he played like crap, Arsenal lost and now this video has emerged so he’s gonna get it in the neck from all angles. Hopefully he learns his lesson and knocks this behaviour on the head on the way to becoming a legandary football now. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

For more players partying too hard, check out Raheem Sterling partying and smoking shisha. Probably the example that Iwobi wants to follow, considering the season he’s now having.


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