Arrogant Vegan Tries To Kick Fur Wearers Out Of Restaurant; It Backfires In His Face


What an embarrassment.

I’ve got to say that I don’t eat meat and I’ve got many friends who are vegan, and generally we keep our own opinions to ourselves in the same way meat-eaters do. Then you get people like this self-righteous wanker who has to ruin the vegan name for everyone.

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The guy in the video is clearly eating at some sort of vegan restaurant when two girls walk in wearing coyote fur lined coats. Instead of keeping his disgust to himself, he decides to “reach out” to the girls in a completely embarrassing and intrusive fashion. Despite the girls expressing their disdain, he still carries on until eventually the staff intervene and throw all his opinions back in his face:

“I have a lot of friends who are coming here.” Sure you do buddy. That’s why you just happened to be eating alone and felt the need to harass these girls who were minding their own business. As you can see at the end of the video, the staff actually ask him to leave – egg on his face.

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