Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Dropkicked Out Of NOWHERE At Charity Event (VIDEO)

Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked at an event in South Africa.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been attacked in South Africa as he met with fans at the annual Arnold Sports Festival.

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The 71-year-old was taking pictures with fans when a man rushes behind him and dropkicks him in the back:

Longer video of the incident:

Did this fool really think he was going to take out the Terminator with one dropkick? Arnie didn’t even fall in fact, he just stumbled a little bit as his minders grappled the attacker to the floor.

He later Tweeted to confirm he was OK:

No idea what was going through this lunatic’s head but maybe we’ll find out. Hopefully there’s a better explanation than the idiot that attacked Bret Hart during his Hall of Fame speech.


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