Army Veteran High On Drugs Steals Tank And Leads Police On 75 Mile Chase Through Virginia


It seems like more and more people are trying to play out Grand Theft Auto missions in real life and the latest is Lieutenant Joshua Philip Yabut who decided to steal a tank from his Virginia military base and lead cops on a two hour 75 mile chase.

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There’s always one of those really hard GTA missions when you have to break into the military base and steal a tank and Yabut seems to have been inspired by this. He was also high on drugs during his campaign which would probably happen if you were playing it on a higher difficulty level. Either way as soon as he drove out of the compound, he had a five star wanted level and the cops were determined to bring him down.

Unfortunately this was a little easier said than done due to the powerful nature of the armoured personnel carrier that he stole, leading to the length of the chase. Here’s a news report and some footage from the incident:

What a ridiculous situation. All throughout the pursuit, Yabut was posting bizarre messages from his Twitter account – which has now suspended – such as ‘where is this damn water buffalo’ and ‘all i wanna do is get an anime wife’. Guess the guy really was as high as hell.

The incident ended when he drove onto a median after the police blocked off an area in Capitol Square, Richmond. He then clamoured out of the top of it and dropped to his knees, but when he refused to follow orders he was tasered by the police. Surprised he wasn’t shot to be honest so there is that I suppose.

Yabut is now currently being held in Richmond county jail whilst prosecutors decide exactly what charges to throw at him. I doubt it’s going to be pretty though. I mean you would lose a lot of money if you got caught on a mission like that in GTA so I expect the equivalent result to happen here. I just wish I knew why the hell this guy thought it was a good idea in the first place?

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