Wasted Australian Guys Come Up With Insanely Dangerous Hair Removal Technique (VIDEO)

Armpit Hair Fire

Classic prank.

There’s nothing that says I love you more to a mate than pranking them profusely, and the affection is exemplified even further if you decide to set them on fire.

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At least that’s the logic that a couple of morons in Queensland, Australia followed when one of them decided they wanted to get rid of their armpit hair. They were obviously completely and utterly wasted, so they logically thought that the best way to go about this would be to burn it off.

One of them sprayed deodorant all over the armpit, then another one grabbed a lighter and the rest is history:

Damn those flames are big to begin with, but he gets rid of them fairly sharpish. I’m a bit disappointed to be honest – I was kind of hoping for it to really fuck up and to see the guy in way more pain than he is in this video.

Like I said, disappointing, but still – it’s nice to see the youth of today carrying on this classic prank.

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