An Argentinian Model Who Tried To Expose A Paedophile Ring Has Been Found Dead

Natacha Jaitt

Nothing suspicious there, is there?

It’s awfully convenient that anyone that ever speaks out about high ranking shady paedophile rings ends up offed in a highly suspicious accidental death, and the trend shows no signs of stopping with the news that a 41 year old Argentinian model has been found dead after speaking out about such a ring.

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41 year old former Big Brother contestant Natacha Jaitt claims she had information about a VIP child abuse ring featuring prominent journalists and politicians in Argentina, but was found naked and dead at a party in Buenos Aires from a suspected cocaine overdose. Apparently this led to her cardiac arrest after she suffered multiple organ failure.

Officials are claiming that this occurred due to Jaitt overdosing on a deadly combination of alcohol and cocaine, but her brother and lawyer are suspecting foul play following her claims about the paedophile ring. These claims are corroborated by the fact that Jaitt recently claimed her life had been threatened and she had been raped, as well as the fact that three witnesses were seen fleeing from the party in the run up to her body being discovered.

Her brother is also saying that her doctor warned her not to take cocaine as it wouldn’t mix well with a medication she was currently on, leading him to think that she was set up. The evidence is certainly there – even if it is mostly circumstantial – but I doubt that this guy will get to the bottom of the case. These paedophile rings don’t tend to get busted too often and their fingers run long and deep. More confident of him turning up dead then any of these people being brought to justice to be honest.

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