Area 51 Searches On Pornhub Have Gone Up by 60,000% Since The Raid Was Announced

People wanna get freaky with aliens.

I haven’t really thought about this before, but it seems like there’s a massive correlation between whatever is big in popular culture at a moment in time and whatever guys are wanking over.

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There are a number of case studies to support this – like the time when cowboy porn went through the roof when Red Dead Redemption 2 was released – but it’s been reiterated once again with the latest stats from PornHub revealing that Area 51 porn searches have gone through the roof in the last week. Of course, this is all due to the hype surrounding the proposed raid on the forbidden area, which has led to searches for Area 51 porn increasing from literally zero to 160,000 over the past four days, with 60,000 searches on July 16th alone.

It wasn’t just Area 51 porn that people were looking for either, as everyone’s also looking for all kind of freaky alien porn as well:

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Yeah I mean you can’t really argue with those figures can you, especially when you know what’s been going on on the internet for the past few days – there’s simply no denying a correlation between the two is there? Not sure why the alien stuff peaked so much at the start of the month though, but am intrigued as to why people find stuff like alien impregnation and animated alien hardcore pornography attractive because that shit sounds kinda weird to me.

Guess there’s a market for it though clearly. Am kinda worried about the effect that this might have on the potential raid though, as if a lot of people were only involved so that they could try and get freaky with an alien once they broke in, then the fact that they can just beat off to it instead might have serious repercussions on who decides to turn up. Think the chances of us finding out what’s in there are lessening by the minute.

For more of the same, check out the Air Force’s warning to anyone dumb enough to turn up on September 20th. You’ve be warned.


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